All-in-One Card

ClevrCard, your innovative credit card and All-in-One banking solution
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No more need to carry multiple cards in your wallet

ClevrCard offers the convenience of having both a credit card and a debit card combined into a single card.

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How it works

When you use your ClevrCard for purchases, it works just like a traditional credit card. You can make purchases online, in-store, or over the phone, and the transactions will be charged to your CleverCard credit line.

Your ClevrCard also functions as a debit card. It’s linked directly ClevrCard Checking Account, allowing you to access funds directly from your checking account when making purchases or withdrawing cash from ATMs.

Benefits of Having Both Credit and Debit Card in one card


Simplified Wallet

With ClevrCard, you can streamline your wallet by eliminating the need to carry multiple cards. It's a one-card solution for all your financial needs.



Whether you need to make a purchase using your credit line or access funds directly from your checking account, you can do it all with a single ClevrCard.


Enhanced Financial Control

With ClevrCard, you have the flexibility to choose how you want to pay. Use your credit line for larger purchases, while using funds from your checking account for day-to-day expenses.


Zero interest

It's important to note that using the credit functionality allows you to enjoy the zero interest feature when your ClevrCard balance matches your savings account balance.

Say goodbye to the hassle of carrying multiple cards and simplify your financial life.

Experience the convenience and flexibility of having both credit and debit card features in a single card with ClevrCard.

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Say goodbye to high interest rates and hello to financial freedom. ClevrCard – where responsibility meets rewards.