Apply for ClevrCard today and experience a credit card that works in harmony with your checking and saving’s account. Say goodbye to high interest rates and hello to financial freedom. ClevrCard – where responsibility meets rewards.
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Imagine a credit card that rewards you for being financially responsible.

That's exactly what ClevrCard offers. We understand that managing credit card debt can be a challenge, which is why we've created a card that aligns with your checking transactions and savings account balance. When your savings account balance matches your CleverCard balance, you pay zero interest on your purchases.

ClevrCard seamlessly syncs with your accounts.

During the application process, we'll automatically link your ClevCard to your checking and savings accounts. This connection allows us to monitor your balance and determine when you qualify for zero interest.

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Maintain a matching balance

With CleverCard, you have the freedom to use your credit card without worrying about accumulating interest charges. Pay for your groceries, utility bills, or even larger purchases, and as long as your savings account balance is on par with your CleverCard balance, you won't incur any interest fees.

Financial freedom and flexibility

Discover a credit card that adapts to your needs and empowers you to achieve your financial goals, all with ClevrCard by your side.

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Stay in control with real-time notifications

We understand the importance of staying informed about your finances. CleverCard provides you with real-time notifications, so you'll always know when your balances align or when there's a discrepancy. This feature empowers you to make informed decisions and keep your finances on track.

Access additional benefits

CleverCard offers a range of additional benefits beyond the zero interest feature. Enjoy perks like cashback rewards, purchase protection, and more. We've designed CleverCard to enhance your financial well-being and provide you with a comprehensive credit card experience.

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Apply for ClevrCard today!

Say goodbye to high interest rates and hello to financial freedom. ClevrCard – where responsibility meets rewards.