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Checking Account

We're delighted to introduce our hassle-free checking account with no monthly fees. At ClevrCard, we understand the importance of managing your finances without unnecessary charges eating away at your hard-earned money. With our fee-free checking account, you can enjoy the benefits of convenient banking while keeping your costs down.

We Prioritize Your Financial Well-Being

Our fee-free checking account is designed to make your banking experience convenient, affordable, and hassle-free. Open an account today and start enjoying the benefits of a truly fee-free checking account.


Key Features


No Monthly Fees

Unlike many traditional checking accounts, our account comes with zero monthly maintenance fees. We believe in transparency and helping our customers save more of their money.


Minimum Balance Requirement

We don't burden you with a mandatory minimum balance requirement. You can open and maintain your checking account with us without worrying about maintaining a specific balance.


Easy Access to Funds

Our checking account offers seamless access to your funds through various channels, including online banking, mobile banking, and ATMs. Manage your finances anytime, anywhere.


Debit Card

Upon opening your checking account, you'll receive your All-in-One Card linked to your account. Use it for everyday purchases, online transactions, and cash withdrawals at ATMs worldwide.


Online Bill Pay

Simplify your bill payment process with our online bill pay feature. Set up one-time or recurring payments to ensure your bills are paid on time, all from the comfort of your own home.


Direct Deposit

Set up direct deposit for your paychecks or any other recurring income to have your funds deposited directly into your checking account. Say goodbye to paper checks and enjoy faster access to your money.


Mobile Banking App

Our user-friendly mobile banking app allows you to manage your checking account on the go. Check your balance, review transactions, transfer funds, deposit checks through mobile check deposit, and more.


Overdraft Protection

To provide peace of mind, we offer overdraft protection options to help you avoid insufficient fund fees. Link your checking account to a savings account or a Credit Card for automatic transfers or use our optional overdraft line of credit.

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